Artificial Marble co.,Ltd is a highly specialization exporting company with a global presence. Artificial Marble co.,Ltd Presents the one of largest production of Natural marble, quartz , granite and marble in China. More and more kinds Stone we are offering, Whether where you can come from. Friendly exporter and Manufacturer would supply what you like in natural stone! We enjoy working with you to supply and export all kinds of Products from china to you. Whether you are a wholesaler , a Distributor ,a retailer, a home/apartment/condominium/Hotel/Hospital builder or Architect or Owner ,always Artificial marble Co.Ltd .would do our best to offer you best service and products. We own our some processing factories & Quarries and more long-term supply and cooperation factories in China.

We are main exporter and manufacturer of artificial stone (also called engineered stone or compound stone)in China, located in Xiamen, China.
With the imported world advanced Italian artificial stone production machines and high technology, mainly the based on the natural marble and quartz, above 92%of content, with the noble and elegant characters of the bright ,shining, and beautiful natural stone ,uniformed in color, pressure against.


Since the establishment in 1992, Artificial Marble CO., LTD has more than 15 years stone export experience.  We specialized in a wide range of artificial products like quartz and artificial marble in different series, big flower, small flower , shell ,twin color etc.Most of our products are exported to Europe, Italy , USA, Chile, Argentina , ,United Kindoms, U.A.E , Iran, Korea, Philippines , Turks & Caicos Islands . Our professional production team and sales always do our best to meet different request for clients from all over the world , that is why so many clients always like our products.


Artificial marble has many advantages over natural marble such as:

  • no maintenance
  • easy installation
  • lower cost and same durability

 Compared with the natural stone, the artificial stone has the advantages of bright, high degree of finish, even color, fine pressure and wear resistance, fine toughness, compact in structure, robustness, light specific gravity, non-water-absorption, bear erosion and weathering, law chromatism, colorfast, low radioactivity etc.

Main products:Artificial marble tiles, kitchen countertops, bath vanity tops, tabletops, furniture, shower surrounds, marble window sills,